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Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, MadDez Sweetz is a delightfully distinctive bakery offering a wide assortment baked goods.  

Pastry Chef, Dena Stanley, is a hometown girl, having graduated from South Vocational and Technological High School in 2002 certified in both culinary arts and commercial baking. Dena further enhanced her skills through obtaining an associate's degree from Le Cordon Bleu - Pittsburgh.

With a strong desire to succeed, Dena relocated to Atlanta and enhanced her craft, training under Executive Chefs Newton Pryce of Great Performances Catering, Tracey Camberino of , and Brett Self, President of Bistro to Go.

As a spinner of sugar and baker of cakes, Pastry Chef, Dena Stanley, creates customized confections for all people and palates including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and diabetic options.   It is the goal of MadDez Sweetz to provide a tantalizing treat that is unsurpassed by sourcing local ingredients and meeting requests with a consideration that confirms each customer is cherished.


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